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Organic Gardening Installation & Consulting

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Wood chip tree mulching help manage tree moisture and builds mycorrhizal fungi in soil.
Container Gardens$39
Raised Beds$199
Back Yard Graden$599
Lot-Sized Garden$999
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Gardening Materials and Supplies

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Compost (Standard, per cubic yard)$45
Compost (Bio-Dynamic, per cubic yard)$60
Mulch (per cubic yard)$10
Landscape Fabric (3′-300′) (price may vary)$78.99
Landscape Fabric (4′-300′) (price may vary)$94.99
Delivery (within 10 miles of Tyler, $5/loaded mile)$50 min


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Tire Cover1
Red Wiggler Worms1
Service 30
Service 40
Service 50

Firewood (seasoned mixed oak hardwood)


$145/half cord

$75/pallet (40″x”48″x4′ high).

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